I'm Sierra, engaged, feminist, fangirl, writer/reader. Correct me if I misgender anyone, or leave out trans and/or non binary folk. (cis, she/her pronouns)
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almost-always-eventually-right replied to your post “Anyone care to enlighten me on The Containment Policy and Truman’s…”

UN Commander MacArthur wanted to launch a direct assault on communist countries, whereas President Truman sought to prevent escalation by any means deemed necessary. MacArthur was removed from the military for insubordination.

Thank you so much <333 that was exactly what I needed, straight to the point and simple!!

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Anyone care to enlighten me on The Containment Policy and Truman’s beliefs about it vs. MacArthur’s?

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sorry son, it’s not MY fault you were born on opposite day.. now where are my presents

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seriously go vote for laverne cox in this like fuck does a cis man get more attention for a shit portrayal of transwomen than u know, an actual living transwoman



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My school’s principle just sent a girl hime today for being open with her sexuality.

So fuckin beyond pissed right now.

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"with all due respect" *says something disrespectful*

"Why is it that whenever someone says, ‘With all due respect,’ they really mean, ‘Kiss my ass’?"
-Ashley Williams, Virmire, Mass Effect

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“So a dog walks into the forest and he sees a whale and says “aren’t you supposed to be in the ocean?” and the whale says “Yes.”

A joke told by the Russian exchange student that used to go to my school (via wickedpedia)

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the biggest disappointment in life is when good shows have a bad episode like i waited a week and u give me this shit 

the biggest disappointment in life is when good shows have a bad season like i waited two years and u give me this shit

The biggest disappointment in life is when good shows give you a bad finale like I waited nine years and u give me this shit

I love how I have a vague idea what shows they are talking about

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I hate hate hate it when women in video games make sexual noises when they get hit or die in suggestive positions

like women can’t even die in a way that doesn’t exist to turn men on

how dare you sexualise female pain

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u know whats fuckin hardcore

people on this site who don’t speak english as a first language but blog in english anyways

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